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MAPs: Fired on Mars

Your Monday art post: Fired on Mars (6 mins 33 secs)


  • Adam June 13, 2016

    This video was awesome. I shared it with everyone I know.

  • Nareg Seferian June 14, 2016

    Very nice! 🙂

  • Jill June 14, 2016

    I love this! Inspiring!

  • IaR June 14, 2016

    Funny and profound. Nice find, as always.

  • Charles Major June 15, 2016

    OMG this is hysterical and terrifying

    When I start a spaceship company, I want the Latin translation of “sails full of rocket fuel and hellfire” to be the motto . . . fuck ad astra

    • Clarinda June 15, 2016

      I’d invest in that spaceship company.

  • Brendon June 15, 2016

    Really funny and inspiring. Happy my name isn’t Brandon. Another great video Clarinda!

  • P dC June 19, 2016

    Really Nice

    • P dC June 19, 2016

      Life is not always bed of roses

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